nutrition product

An important path to your health is through your gut. A healthy gut is key to your overall wellness, prevention of complications after surgery and quality of recovery .

Adequate nutrition before and after surgery is essential in mitigating atrophy in the gut and loss of lean body mass as the body attempts to heal after surgery. Certain amino acids that are essential for wound healing are depleted and hence deficient after surgery.

Our product has the ingredients necessary for the body to heal optimally. Ingredients in our product have been shown to reduce hospital stay for those undergoing surgery by approximately 3 to 4 days in addition to reducing the risk of complications such as acquiring an infection.

For patients undergoing orthopedic or spine surgery, bone growth supported by ingredients in our product helps support fracture healing, recovery and improves calcium retention. Accelerated healing also helps reduce visible scarring. 

Our product also contains immunonutrients that support reduction of inflammation. One of the product ingredient helps nourish the beneficial bacteria (bifidobacteria, which is part of the gut microbiome), and has been clinically shown to reduce diarrhea caused by infection and reduce risk from infection.

Our product employs a multifactorial approach to wound healing after surgery and supports a faster return to a normal lifestyle.